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WallPops are removable wall decals with peel and stick convenience, making them safe for walls and repositionable. WallPops are today's most stylish wall art! With designer wall decal designs perfect for teen and tween decor, sophisticated wall art, darling nursery wall decor ideas, and even dry-erase calendars and message boards, WallPops will totally revamp any wall into a fabulous focal point. Because they are removable and safe for walls, WallPops are perfect for changing tastes, dorm room decor, and apartments. Change your mind? Change your design! 

Are WallPops safe for dorm rooms and apartments?

Yes and yes! WallPops are designed to be removable wall art so you can make your walls pop without the damage created by nails and screws. You can still enjoy pictures on your walls if you rent or live in a college dorm with our salon wall peel and stick frames. You can create a signature look on walls for fashionable decor safely with WallPops wall decals, and even take your WallPops with you when you leave, and use them again!

Are WallPops re-usable if I move or want to use them in a different area?

Yes, absolutely! WallPops are totally re-usable, removable and repositionable so you can peel and stick to your hearts delight. If you move, or decide to move your WallPops to a different area, no problem! To reposition WallPops, simply peel them off of the wall, reposition in a new spot and smooth on! To transport WallPops to an area that is further away, it is best to stick them back on their original backing. If you forgot to save the backing, you can also use wax paper or a vinyl shower liner. This will protect the adhesive and keep the WallPop from creasing during transport.

Do WallPops work in the bathroom? I am afraid that the steam from the shower will cause them to peel away from the wall.

If you are looking for wall decals for bathroom décor, WallPops are perfect! In fact, I Hate My Bath on the DIY Network used WallPops Malaya Blox in their Historic Style, Modern Luxury episode, totally revamping an awkward bathroom into a beautiful space that included our WallPops wall decals. As long as the WallPops are not getting directly sprayed with water, they will look fabulous in a bathroom setting. For fun bathroom decor ideas, check out our gallery of WallPops bathrooms!

Where are WallPops Made?

All of our WallPops brand wall decals are proudly made in the USA! We also distribute fine wall décor items from around the world, including a whole line of European wall art.

Will WallPops work on textured walls? What about over wallpaper?

WallPops work best on smooth, flat surfaces. However, WallPops can still be successful on textured walls if they are not excessively porous or uneven. We have had people write to us that they had success with WallPops on all different types of surfaces. They will stick best to painted surfaces, so if you are trying to stick WallPops to knock-down texture walls, concrete, or raw wood, you will have more success if the surface has been painted. In general, WallPops stick great to tiles, mirrors, glass, and wallpaper.

I just painted. How long should I wait before applying my WallPops wall art?

After a fresh coat of paint has been applied, you should wait 3 - 4 weeks before applying WallPops. This allows the paint to fully cure, ensuring that the wall decal will not damage the paint or leave an area of varied color underneath when it is removed.

Can WallPops be cut to fit an area, or cut up to create personalized shapes?

Yes! WallPops are very easy to cut to any shape and size. They are perfect for craft projects and die-cutting as well as for DIY home décor projects. Cut the WallPops with scissors, a die-cutting machine or a utility knife while they are still adhered to the backing, peel and stick! You can trace shapes onto the backing as a guide for more involved designs. For some fun WallPops craft videos and ideas, check out the WallPops Projects category on our PopTalk Blog!

I have heard that WallPops are good for decorating other things, too, like the fridge, the stairs, and furniture. Is this true?

Absolutely! Think of WallPop as a verb, as in "I think I will WallPop this old desk into something special!" WallPops are not just for walls, so don't feel that you need to stop there. We recommend WallPops for appliances, like the washer and dryer and definitely the refrigerator. WallPops are a fantastic accent on staircases, cabinets and doors, and WallPops look fantastic on furniture! If you have WallPopped something spectacular, please share a photo with us on our Facebook page, We LOVE to see photos of your WallPops decorating projects.

How can I clean my WallPops wall art?

WallPops understands that life can get messy! If you need to clean your WallPops wall art, simply wipe with a damp cloth. No need for chemical cleaners or abrasives, which could damage the WallPops.

Can I use WallPops on glass?

WallPops work very well on glass! As long as the glass surface is smooth, flat, dry and clean, WallPops will adhere. We also have a whole selection of window décor, including window clings, privacy window film and peel and stick stained glass decals, designed specifically for beautiful window treatments. In addition to adding a stylish look, window decor can create privacy, hide unsightly views, and filter bright light.

Can I paint on my WallPops or draw on them with marker to make my own designs?

Occasionally people want to know if they can create their own WallPops designs by coloring on them with markers or paint. WallPops has a beautiful selection of dry-erase decal designs to choose from that are designed to be colored on with dry-erase markers. With dry-erase dots, calendars, and snazzy message boards, you can color away (with dry-erase markers!) and then erase and start fresh. To create a more permanent design on solid colored WallPops, or to embellish a craft project you have created with WallPops, you can use markers. We recommend coloring on the WallPops before you peel them off of the backing to protect your wall from ink! Paint, however, will not work well on WallPops.

Are WallPops good for outside decorating? Can I use them on my car?

We do not recommend using WallPops outside. While they may work well for a short time outdoors, WallPops were not designed to stand up to the elements of the great outdoors.

I'm moving! Can I take my WallPops with me and use them in my new home?

Yes please! Your WallPops would love to go with you! They are, in fact, designed to be removable and re-usable. For best results, peel the WallPops off slowly from the top down and stick them back on their original backing sheet. If you did not save the original sheet, you can also use a vinyl shower liner, or wax paper. Don't fold your WallPops, this can cause creases, roll them instead.


Are FloorPops really permanent/are they removable?

To be durable enough to withstand foot traffic, FloorPops were designed with a strong adhesive. This means that they are NOT removable in the sense that our peel and stick NuWallpaper or wall decals are removable/temporary. They can, however, be removed should you choose to- we recommend using a scraper or an object with a thin, flat surface to wiggle under a seam and pop a corner of the tile up. From there you should be able to peel off the tile with your hands. Please note that as the adhesive is strong, if installed on a painted surface FloorPops are likely to lift the paint. It is also possible that some adhesive residue may be left behind when FloorPops are removed.

I am installing my FloorPops and the pattern doesn't quite line up, is that okay?

You may find a slight variation in design match from tile to tile. This variation should not affect the overall look of your floor. Be sure to rotate tiles for best look.

How thick are FloorPops?

FloorPops are 0.06 inches thick (they are 3D, not flat decals).

Can you install FloorPops over existing tile?

We do not recommend installing over grouted tiles or floating wood laminate, as the base layer would not be secure. If you choose to install over ceramic or grouted tiles, we recommend filling all grout lines with set tile mortar before installing FloorPops over existing tiles.

Will FloorPops stick to concrete?

If not polished concrete, a primer adhesive, such as liquid neoprene, is necessary for a secure application.

Are FloorPops waterproof? How do you clean them?

FloorPops are water resistant. Allow 5 days after installation before cleaning, but once those 5 days have passed you can sweep, mop, vacuum or dust away! For best results, use a vinyl floor cleaner and do not clean with an excessive amount of water.

How many FloorPops are in one pack?

Floor Tiles contains 10 pieces on 10 sheets that measure 30.48 x 30.48 Centimeters per pack

How do I trim FloorPops/are they easy to cut?

We recommend a utility knife and straight edge, but they are easy to trim with scissors as well!

Are FloorPops glossy/matte/smooth/textured?

FloorPops have a low luster finish and a light texture for traction purposes.

Can I install FloorPops outside?

FloorPops are designed for interior use only.

Can I install FloorPops in an RV?


Will you be coming out with more designs?

We are always looking to expand on successful product lines- due to the overwhelmingly positive response from customers, we are beginning the design process of future additions to the FloorPops collection!