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How To Install Floor Tiles

How to Install Floor Tiles!

How To Decorate with Peel and Stick

Decorating with WallPops peel & stick wall decals is easy and fun! Pop your walls chic in moments with these simple steps: Be sure your surface is clean, dry, and smooth. Slowly peel WallPops from the backing. Smooth the decal onto the wall, with a smoother (like a credit card) or your hands. For the best results, smooth from the center outward. If you need to reposition your WallPop, no problem, just slowly peel it away starting at the top and stick it in a new spot.  To learn more tips & tricks about using WallPops peel and stick visit or frequently asked questions page, or our PopTalk Blog.

How To Hang a Chandelier

WallPops room decor chandeliers add a fashionable dimension to any room and they are easy to install. Chandeliers come ready to hang, equipped with a ring that can be hung from any hook. WallPops chandeliers do not include a lighting fixture or cord set. However, the inner frame of all chandeliers do fit over a standard lantern bulb and cord, not to exceed 40 watts. Have fun experimenting with different colored party bulbs, or just enjoy your swanky chandelier as a stylish hanging room decor accessory.

How To Hang the Decorative Room Panels

Room panels add a unique dimension to a room. They can be arranged as wall art, as an attractive window treatment that brings an element of privacy, or hung from the ceiling to define an area. You can also connect multiple rows to divide a room, creating a room divider screen. Each package of room panels contains 4 panels and 14 panel connectors. The panel connectors are rings that easily fit through the small holes in the corner of each panel. Loop the ring through the holes of 2 panels to connect them. Connect as many panels as you would like to create the desired effect. Room panels are light-weight and can easily be hooked to ceiling screw hooks or eyelet screws.

How To Install Static Cling Window Film

Static cling Privacy window film is perfect for blocking unwanted views, creating privacy, filtering bright light and adding a stylized look to any glass surface. Installing your static cling window film is simple! Spray a clean glass surface with water. Peel off the protective backing. Position the film, and smooth into place, using a squeegee for best results. Trim off any extra material. The product may appear cloudy immediately after installing, but will quickly clear up as the water evaporates. To remove, simply peel away from a top corner. After being removed, you may use the window film on another window or reposition it using the same steps.

How To Install Self Adhesive Window Film

Self-Adhesive window film allows you to re-create your windows and glass surfaces with a high quality peel and stick material, perfect for creating privacy and adding style. Our self adhesive glass film is very easy to use and can be cut to accommodate any size window. To install your peel and stick window cling, it helps to first spray your clean glass surface with a light spritz of water. This allow you to slide the film around a bit if you need to position it just right on the glass. Peel the window film off of the protective backing, position it on your glass and smooth out any air bubbles, working from the center out. It helps to use a squeegee, especially on larger windows. Trim any excess material with scissors or a utility knife. Step back and admire your work! The water may cause your cling to appear cloudy at first, but this will go away quickly as the water evaporates.

How To Install Stained Glass Clings

Stained Glass clings uses natural light to bring beautiful and authentic looking stained glass designs to life. These window clings are easy to install, and easy to remove without damaging glass. Remove the protective backing, position your stained glass decal, and smooth out any air bubbles. Finally, add caming lines for the finishing touch of authentic 3-D sophistication! These stained glass clings also add style to cabinet doors, mirrors, or any other glass surface.