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How to Install FloorPops



Prepare Tiles and Clean Surface

  • Lay tile package flat and allow 48 hours to acclimate to room temperature of at least 65°F (18°C)..
  • Be sure the surface is clean, smooth, flat and dry before applying. Area must be free of grease, dirt, wax, uv coating, and other oils. Inspect tiles to ensure tiles are free of defects.
  • Make sure to not apply tiles to loose or uneven flooring, and radiant heated floors.
  • If installing over concrete, a primer adhesive is necessary for a secure application.

DO NOT Apply to loose or uneven flooring. 
DO NOT Apply over radiant heated floors.
DO NOT Use additional adhesives. 
DO NOT Apply over concrete with excessive moisture or alkalinity.
DO NOT Apply where the temperature regularly falls below 55°F or over 85°F.

DO NOT Apply to heavily textured flooring.


IF INSTALLING OVER CONCRETE OR WOOD A latex primer is necessary for a secure application. 
Not intended for outdoor locations such as sunrooms, porches, and garages.



Find the Center of Your Room

  • Mark perpendicular guidelines to find the center of the room. Using a chalk line is a preferred tool for this step.



Lay Out Tiles

  • Leaving the back liner on, lay tiles out from the center of the room to the walls. 
    After laying out tiles, assess the outer edges and decide if you need to shift all tiles over to avoid trimming thin tile pieces.



Remove Backing and Apply Tiles to Floor

  • Starting from the center of the room, remove backing from your first tile and press firmly into place. Avoid touching adhesive - dust, dirt and oils will affect its strength.
  • Rotate next tile to find pattern match*, and install tightly against the side of the first tile. Working on one quarter of the room at a time, apply tiles in a step pattern. 

You may find a slight variation in design match from tile to tile. This variation should not affect the overall look of your floor. Be sure to rotate tiles for best look.




Installation Tips

  • If necessary, use a straight edge and utility knife to trim tiles to fit, when you reach the edge of your walls. 
  • Use a tile roller over the entire floor to strengthen the bond between the tile and floor.  A 75 – 100 lb roller is recommended.
  • It is also recommended that baseboards are lifted and reinstalled over the new tiles to allow room for expansion. If tiles are laid snug against the wall, the pressure caused by expansion can cause them to lift



Cleaning Your Tiles


  • Allow 5 days to clean tiles after application.
  • Use a vinyl floor cleaner.
  • Sweep, mop, vacuum, and/or dust as desired.


  • Do not clean with detergents, soaps, harsh chemicals, bleach, one-step cleaners, wax, or an excessive amount of water.



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